L41home has received worldwide coverage.

Nano House

"Katz says that he felt that the question to ask was not just "How small can a unit be?", but "How small can a unit be before it ceases to be delightful? He also seemed to be asking how it could help save..."


Innovative Houses

"Every interior space is cleverly designed. There are no swinging doors to taint the clean walls or add unnecessary obstacles. With a convertible living-bedroom space, the occupant can store..."


The Globe and Mail

"The Van Special 2.0 consists of an 1,800-square-foot three-bedroom house, a slightly below-grade two-bedroom garden suite that is 800 square feet, and a two-bedroom laneway house that is 500 square-feet..."


BC Living

"Laneway houses prove that "living large" no longer has to mean taking up a lot of space. It is truly a home designed for a generation that understands the principles of "small is beautiful""


National Post

"The L41 home — a play on “all for one” — is the brainchild of Vancouver architect Michael Katz and Janet Corne, design partners in life as well as design. It’s their first prototype dwelling together: a tiny, modern cube..."


Design Milk

"They both have an incredible passion for design, and L41 is a beautiful example of their dedication to sustainability. For Katz and Corne, it was important that they didn’t just set out to design the smallest..."


Express TV

"The L41 is a house that we classify as the Smart Car of housing, a house for everybody, says Janet Corne, head designer of L41 houses. L41 is outfitted with a green roof, and the latest in green technology..."


IDS West

"A little home that's big on style, the L41 includes top of the line appliances, a gourmet kitchen, a full projection screen and an outdoor patio. Normally found in upscale apartments..."


Business In Vancouver

"Unlike traditional products such as glued-laminated timber, CLT's strength is derived the way its lumber is layered, which is similar to the wooden block game, Jenga. Vancouver architect Michael Katz..."


Natural Home

"This mass produced, super-efficient home might just be the future of housing. Though his homes are small, Michael Katz's goals are big. "The major objective of the L41 home is to play a part in..."



"They designed a fully functional kitchen and dining area that feels much larger than it really is. The kitchen features all the appliances... (Article in Hebrew)"


Urban Land

"Katz and Corne envision clusters of stacked units, either as condominiums or apartments, with residents sharing Smart cars and gardens in small communities in which they will live ..."


The Globe and Mail

"Mr. Katz envisions entire communities made up of clusters of stacked L41 homes where people share Smart Cars and food-gardens and live in small spaces with equally small carbon footprints."


Big Think

"Dead trees make good homes. Speaking of pre-fab houses, how many square feet, exactly, do you require before you'll call it home? What about 220? I realize that, as a recent apartment-searching New Yorker..."


Vancouver 2010 Olympics

"Vancouver, with its growing population, land-shortage, high housing costs and homelessness, coupled with City Hall’s advanced Planning and Social philosophies made it an ideal city..."