The revel is in the details. Take a look around.

These are the cool parts that constitute the whole.

Factory built and fit-to-ship.

Building dimensions meet factory sizing and shipping standards to save time and money. A unit arrives in modules, ready to go. Just place the modules on their foundations, connect them together and hook up to water and power.

Metal siding.

Kynar-coating makes it as good-looking and as durable as your car. Colour to your choice. Note that our prototype is sheathed in pure zinc - the same material found on 300 year-old church steeples which remain in perfect condition.


The energy-efficient, triple-glazed windows in anodized, aluminum frames are significantly quieter and more comfortable than double-pane windows.

Efficient and solar-ready.

In individual homes, a centralized cubby contains a sophisticated HVAC system and all electrical which comes ready to connect to solar-thermal and Photovoltaic panels . Natural-fiber insulation and triple-glazed windows help retain warm or cool air.

Waste management alternatives.

If city services aren’t accessible or an alternative waste management system is preferred, Eco-Machines by John Todd Ecological Design are available.

Green roof-ready.

Sealed with a root-resistant membrane, the roof allows for a six-inch living roof. These living roofs insulate, absorb rainwater and lessen heat island effect in urban centers. They also make a great plot for growing vegetables and flowers.

Triple-panel, sliding patio door.

All three panels of the door slide away into their concealed pocket so that the inside and the outside become one.

Ventless roof.

State-of-the-art technology allows for ventless roofs. This means goodbye to vapour and mould.


Using the Control4 system app, lights, heating, alarms and music are controlled remotely via iPhone.


A kitchenette is a kitchen not. That’s why an L41 home comes with a fully-equipped kitchen of Energy Star-rated appliances, ample counter space, plenty of cupboards and a dining bar.

European cabinets.

Sleek white and durable, laser-welded, Nobilia cabinets come standard. Self-closing doors and soft-touch drawers just make sense.

Small yet potent dishwasher.

Eighteen inches is big enough. Any bigger and those dirty dishes just wait and incubate. A stainless steel GE Profile 18” Built-In comes standard or deluxe it up to the Miele model.

Washer and dryer become one.

In the Studio, an LG All-In-One Washer/Dryer Combo fits into the kitchen and handles all the dirty laundry. Add on any extra bedroom modules and there’s room for the separate GE stackable units.

Cool and compact refrigerator/freezer.

Stainless steel, side by side, under-counter Fridge and Freezer for the Studio. Add-on bedroom modules upgrade to a 24” refrigerator with bottom freezer.

Magnetic-induction cook-top.

Instead of burning your hand, the stove stays cool and heats the pots and pans by vibrating the molecules. Faster and more controllable than gas, it is the perfect compliment to the "all-electric" L41home.

Living Room.

Death to clutter. The living room has hideaways for all life’s things. The rest of the room provides ample room to move.

Couch to bed.

The Studio dwellers have a couch by day which folds into a European double bed by night, like the Bensen Sleeper.

Plenty of storage.

The Studio features a wall of deep drawers and deep shelves for linens, penny loafers and long coats, plus shallow drawers and shallow shelves for smaller knickknacks.