Limitless stackable combinations.

Complex #1

Stack L41homes in multiple sizes and variations, duplexes, six-plexes or “villages” of multiple units around garden-courtyards, with residents sharing Smart-cars, gyms, community rooms and gardens.

Projects like these in our Cities will allow you to sell your single-family house and live in your old neighborhood and drop-in to your friends and corner store.

The fast facts:

  • 12 units (7 x 272 sf Studios and 5 x 408sf 1-Beds)
  • 33′ x 122′ Inner-city lotBuilt in close-conformance with the setbacks, height and floor-space normally found in single-family zoning.
  • Coachhouses and ample garden-space for growing vegetables.
  • Community-owned cars parked in tandem.

Complex #2

This kind of condo living comes with perks, including covered patios complete with storage closets for stowing a bicycle or barbeque and one central mechanical system to serve the whole complex.

These complexes allow homeowners who wish to downsize to sell their houses and continue to live in their neighbourhoods.

The fast facts:

  • 24¬†units (10 x 272 sf Studios and 14 x 408sf 1-Beds)
  • 66′ x 122′ Inner-city lot